Maze Racer

Maze RacerWhen I first saw the Maze Racer, the theme song for the animated cartoon series and major motion picture Speed Racer began playing in my head. And while you won’t really be racing through tracks and pushing buttons to activate random power-ups for your car, you’ll still have a grand old time guiding the ball through the tiny mazes while some techno music plays in the background.

Maze racer is the maze to try to navigate through, especially if you’ve got a lot of time to kill. You usually only find toys like these with only a single maze in them; so multiply the fun you can have by maneuvering through all the mazes crammed into the game.

Maze Racer

Take an already fiendishly difficult maze, add a stop watch, and finish it off with some techno inspired music for additional tension, and you end up with the Maze Racer. You’ll need the nerves of Chuck Norris, hand eye co-ordination of a professional gamer, and the temperament of Mother Teresa if you are going to complete this puzzle!

At first look it appears to be simple but as soon as you pick it up and try to navigate past the first hole you’ll realise looks can be deceiving. The steering wheel design will help as you twist and turn to the finish line trying to complete the fastest time.

It’s definitely a game that all the family can play, and it will even store your fastest time for you to compete against when you are on your own. Beat your time then challenge your mates, the race is on!

The Maze Racer is available from Red5 for $24.

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