Beer and Spice Chocolate Truffles

Beer and Spice Chocolate Truffles
If your old man still fancies a drink when he can manage to sneak one past your eyes and the eyes of his missus, then the Beer and Spice Chocolate Truffles will make the perfect gift for him. These imported chocolates contain real micro-brewed beer that packs a strong punch. Aside from some alcoholic truffles, there are also a few spicy ones in the mix to give a real shocking chocolate experience.

That said, I don’t think it would be a very good idea to hand this box of truffles over to kids and people below the age of 18. So for them, I recommend that you get them a box of Magic Chocolate that they can play with as well as eat.

Beer and Spice Chocolate Truffles

Made by Dorset based chocolatiers Chococo, this brilliantly baffling collection features Fossil Fuel beer from the Isle of Purbeck Brewery, Piddle Beer from the Dorset Piddle Brewery and Old Thumper Beer from the Ringwood Brewery.

16 handmade chocolates in a presentation box:

  • 4x Fossil Fuel beer chocolate: a bitter beer with a malt and pepper aroma, blended with milk chocolate
  • 4x Piddle Beer chocolate: a sweet, malty and fruity bitter beer flavour blended with milk chocolate
  • 4x Old Thumper beer chocolate: a deep brown beer with a spicy, fruity aroma with a warming barley flavour blended into a light chocolate ganache
  • 4x Chilli cacao chocolate: Dark chocolate blended with crushed and roasted cocoa nibs and Mexican chilli

This box of awesome Beer and Spice Chocolate Truffles is available from Firebox for $31.

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  1. Chocolate and Beer! The chilli pepper is definitely something I haven’t tried before.

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