Aikiou Cat Stimulo Feeding Station

stimulo cat feeding station

Are you a cat owner that is always looking for little things to help stimulate your cats daily activities?  The Aikiou Cat Stimulo Feeding Station is a great way to add one more exciting element into your cat’s daily routine of sleeping, eating and probably sleeping some more.  The feeding tubes help ensure that the cat is eating more slowly and has to do a little work to get the next meal.  Turn your Garfield back into that lean & healthy cat you once had.

stimulo feeding station kitten

Aikiou Cat Stimulo Feeding Station

  • Interactive cat (and small dog) food dish that stimulates the intellect
  • Hide dry food in the bowl’s many tubes for kitty to fish out with his paw
  • Engages kitten’s hunting and foraging instincts
  • Helps reduce digestive problems from eating too quickly
  • Helps prevent weight problems
  • Maintains a healthy mental balance by making kitty think
  • Brings back an interest in eating for older or sickly cats

You can purchase the Aikiou Cat Stimulo Feeding Station at ThinkGeek for $24.99.  If you have an outdoor cat and you really want to spoil them, checkout the Heated Cat House.

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  1. A really lazy cat (like mine) would look disinterested at the toy, then look at me and meow until I give up and help her getting the food out however ^^

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