Zombie Art Prints

Zombie Art Print Blue

Is there anyone out there who likes zombies but doesn’t like The Walking Dead? I suppose it’s possible, and the Zombie Art Prints let you style-up your zombie decor with two eye-catching pieces of art that aren’t cluttered by any Walking Dead characters or logos.

The blue zombie print features a guy who is obviously on a suicide run as he walks into a ring of zombies, armed with nothing but a baseball bat… or possibly a machete. It’s too difficult to tell for certain with just a silhouette. Whichever weapon he’s holding, he’ll soon discover it’s not enough.

Meanwhile, on the green zombie print, we a see a guy with a slightly higher chance of surviving. A group of zombies seem to have just noticed our survivor, who stands to the side with his trusty ax poised to do some damage.

Zombie Art Print Green

The blue Zombies All Around Art Print and the green Zombie Attack Art Print are available as a 16.5″ x 11″ for $14 or 16.5″ x 23.4″ for $23 at TotalLost’s Etsy store.

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