ZFlyer R/C Astronaut

ZFlyer RC Astronaut

The ZFlyer Hand Command R/C toy features an innovative and unique control system, where you use your body to lead the way for the flying astronaut.

Hovering just above the ground in normal flight, when you place your hand underneath him, he’ll follow your lead so you can control his flight with hand gestures. It’s almost like that game where you have to keep the football from touching the ground – except Hand Command won’t hit the ground, he’ll stop just short of it.

Here’s a demonstration video of this fun toy:

Playing with a Hand Command is almost like taking your own pet astronaut out for a walk! Why not make up games involving passing him between two people? You can ‘throw’ him a short distance before he goes back to level flight. Featuring auto-stabilising rotor technology, Hand Command is simple to fly and will stay upright with no effort at all.

Ten minutes in the charging base unit is enough to keep the ZFlyer Hand Command airborne for seven minutes. The toy is available from Thumbs Up for £24.99 (about $49 USD). (Update: Link removed because the page is gone.)

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