Astronaut USB Light

Astronaut USB Light

If you ever find yourself sitting at your computer in a room that’s as dark as outer space, the Astronaut USB Light can help light the way for you.

During those times when you find yourself sitting at your computer late at night, with nothing but the monitor casting its dim glow on you, this little space traveler can shed a little extra light on the subject… and by subject, I mean your keyboard.

Just plug the Astronaut into a USB port, adjust the flexible tether-line coming from his backpack, and flip open the helmet’s visor to switch on the light. Once you’re ready to finally catch a few Z’s, just flip the visor to the down position to turn the light off.

Astronaut USB Light

  • Power via USB
  • Flip back visor to turn on and off
  • 30cm poseable USB lead
  • Astronaut measures approx. 5cm x 4cm x 2cm

The Astronaut USB Light will be available early October 2013 but can be pre-ordered now for £12.95/$20.19 at

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