Astronaut Ice Cream Balls

Astronaut Ice Cream Balls

Though many of us are still dreaming of going to the moon, all of us might not make it there. The bright side is nobody can stop us from dreaming and pretending; so all you aspiring astronauts dream on and enjoy this yummy can of Astronaut Ice Cream Balls. Don’t worry about the space program in jeopardy of getting the shaft.

Astronaut Ice Cream Balls

  • Freeze dried ice cream in tiny balls for your enjoyment.
  • Ready to eat right out of the tube!
  • Mix of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla balls.
  • A full meal for super tiny astronauts.
  • No refrigeration needed.

They look like Dippin’ Dots when it comes to size and multi-colored swagger. With ice cream balls, you don’t have to eat them all in one sitting because they’re freeze-dried, not frozen. But you’re going to want to! Those who suffer from filling-freeze when eating cold ice cream will get to skip the pain. And the space balls’ Neopolitan flavors are perfect for those who can’t decide if they’re in a chocolate, vanilla or strawberry mood. Astronauts probably aren’t allowed to eat ice cream balls because they’d float all over the place and get stuck inside panels and instrumentation thereby causing a major malfunction, but they’ve still got the traditional blocks of Astronaut Ice Cream to rely on.

Buy several cans of Astronaut Ice Cream Balls at Think Geek for $3.99 a can. Make sure you always keep one tucked into your Space Shuttle Bunk Bed for those galactic emergencies or for when you sleep-eat.

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