Astronaut Sheets

Astronaut Sheets

Ever wish you had tried for an adventurous job with NASA instead of becoming a cubicle rat? You can still find out what you’d look like in a spacesuit with the Astronaut Sheets, and it’s also a fun way to say you were in bed with an astronaut.

This duvet and pillowcase combo features a hi-res image of an actual spacesuit from the Space Expo Museum in Holland so you don’t have to worry about any cheesy-looking Halloween costume. This is as real as it gets without actually breaking into the Space Center and stealing a suit of your own.

Astronaut Sheets

When the bed is made, it looks like a space explorer has decided to catch a few zzz’s at your place but the real magic happens when you’re actually in bed because your head on the pillow and the cover pulled up makes it appear that you’re actually wearing the outer space outfit.

It might not be as cool as wearing the real thing… but then it probably wouldn’t be as comfortable to sleep on an actual spacesuit.

The Astronaut Sheets are available for pre-order at Snurk for 59,95€/$77.62.

(via Gizmodo)

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