New PC Case for Drummers

Drum PC Case

Do you remember the PC Cases for Drummers? The same company, Spotswood Custom Computers, Inc., today introduced the L-24, an enthusiast-oriented PC case.

The twenty four-inch diameter by eighteen-inch deep case is large enough to hold three triple-fan water-cooling radiators, extra long graphics cards, a 1600W (or larger) power supply, two 5.25-inch CD/DVD drives and fifteen 3.5-inch hard drives, perfect for modders, overclockers, and water-cooling enthusiasts. Its large internal volume and unique round shape allows optimal placement of water-cooling radiators along the periphery of the case, out of the way of other PC components, while also providing ample room for pumps, reservoirs and tubing.


The maple veneer plywood construction reduces noise, is strong, yet lightweight, and coupled with up to twelve cooling fans, provides maximum cooling efficiency. There is a wide variety of stain colors to choose from (protected by a hard fingerprint-hiding matte finish), along with multiple hardware options to customize the look of the case. All fasteners are chrome plated or polished stainless steel. The reset and power switches are high-quality, stainless steel, illuminated, and vandal-resistant. The acrylic (or aluminum) motherboard tray and 10mil plastic side panels are completely removable. The USB 2.0, FireWire and audio I/O ports are mounted in the front of the case.

Here’s a video demonstration of their Spotswood L-18 model:

Visit Spotswood Custom Computers, Inc. for more info. (Update: Link removed because the website is gone.)

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