Wonder Woman and Superman Poster

Wonder Woman and Superman Poster

The Amazon and the Kryptonian are sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G on the Wonder Woman and Superman Poster.

Okay, Wonder Woman and Superman aren’t actually sitting in a tree. After all, that would be kind of boring when you have the ability to soar through the air.

Inspired by events that have happened in the New 52 universe of DC Comics, artist Eugene Chung has created an image that seems to blend various aspects of the two characters. When this particular scene played out in the comic books, Wonder Woman was wearing a different version of her iconic outfit. Also, Superman seems to have his wardrobe a little messed up because he appears to be wearing his New 52 outfit from the waist up but the red undies on the outside are pre-New-52. Whether intentional or accidental, I think the changes to the outfits do a great job of capturing the classic look of the power couple while still acknowledging the reboot.

The poster is reproduced from a handmade pastel work by the artist and is printed on durable photo-quality paper using Ultra Chrome HDR ink. It’s available in sizes 16″ x 20″ and 22.4″ x 28″, with an option to have the larger image printed on canvas.

The Wonder Woman and Superman Poster is available for $12.50 – $85 at Eugene Chung’s Etsy store.

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