8 Foot Vinyl Zelda Sticker/Poster Review

Zelda-Inspired Vinyl Poster Map

If you like classic video games and wall art, the 8 Foot-Long Zelda-Inspired Vinyl Poster Map is exactly what you need to scratch that fanboy itch.

You might’ve seen our review for the older version of this poster; but I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to get my hands on the new vinyl version of the Zelda poster, which includes a sticker back for easy application to almost any surface.

You get all the awesome details of the classic NES Legend of Zelda map printed on the same type of heavy-duty vinyl material that’s used for vehicle wraps, which means this stuff is super-tough and super-durable. The quality of the material was apparent as soon as I took it out of its cardboard shipping tube and I’m willing to bet that it will hold up to years of abuse.

The new twist for this revised poster is the adhesive backing, which lets you slap this map on your wall, or just about any other surface for that matter, like you would a huge sticker. Of course, if you want something a little less permanent, it’s just as easy to pin it like a normal poster. If I can offer just a little advice, it’s best to have someone help put the poster up, if at all possible, because 8-feet of Zelda is a lot of map to handle by yourself 🙂

Classic NES Zelda Inspired Map

8 Foot-Long Zelda-Inspired Map Vinyl Poster Map

  • 8 feet long, 32 inches tall
  • Can be used indoors outdoors
  • Can be used on any surface like metal, glass, wood, walls, etc.

Overall, I was very impressed with the quality, durability and detail of this huge NES Zelda map. The vibrant colors and size are sure to excite any Zelda fan and I expect this to be a hot seller this Christmas. If you know someone that loves the classics, get them this 8 Foot-Long Zelda-Inspired Vinyl Poster Map. It will be the gift that keeps on giving.

The 8 Foot-Long Zelda-Inspired Map Vinyl Poster Map is bargain-priced at only $79.99 at Etsy.com.

Check out the rest of the cool items at the Packmania Shop on Etsy like the Giant NES Controller Poster and the Contra NES Wall Mural. Christmas shopping just got a whole lot easier!


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