Predator/Prey Vs. Mittens

Predator Vs Prey Animal Mittens

It’s starting to get cold outside, but with Vs. Mittens there’s a fun way to stay warm. These mittens come as opposing animal pairs where one hand is the predator and the other is the prey. They provide a silly way to have fun while one of your hands attacks the other in a mock battle between mortal animal enemies. Adult versus mittens come in six versions: wolf vs. sheep, whale vs. fish, frog vs. fly, lion vs. gazelle, cat vs. dog, and owl vs. mouse. Juniors versus mittens come in three versions: bird vs. bee, frog vs. fly, and cat vs. dog.

Owl Vs. Mouse Mittens

While these mittens are definitely cute and quirky, they should be soft and warm as well since they are handmade using Australian wool. People may think you’re crazy as one of your hands gobbles up the other, but there’s no denying that these are a fun and eye-catching way to keep your hands warm. As a very unique and original product, they make a great gift idea for people that seem to have everything. Plus they are ideal for people that like to stand out and be noticed. Imagine keeping warm with a pair of these Vs. Mittens at the bus stop, and how easy they would make it to start up a conversation even if you’re not normally very suave.

Owl and Mouse Vs Mittens

Some are predators, some are prey. Celebrate the difference with Vs. Mittens, the only mittens that come as opposing animal predator and prey pairs! First for adults and now also for kids, these soft, warm mittens are the funnest way to keep your hands warm in the cold weather. Handmade from strictly regulated australian farm wool, while being sweatshop free. Wear them outside, play with them inside, make them eat each other!

Versus Animal Mittens

Now, your little ones can explore their favorite animal rivalries with Vs. Mittens Juniors, the only mittens that come in opposing animal rivalry pairs! kids can wear them outside, play with them inside, and make them eat each other. it’s time to learn about favorite animal rivalries in the funnest way ever!

Kids Animal Versus Mittens

The adult size Vs. Mittens are about 9 inches long and fit most adults. The juniors size Vs. Mittens are about 6 inches long and fit most kids that are between 4 and 7 years old. Both types are handmade with 80% wool and 20% acrylic.

Order Vs. Mittens from Adults sizes are $29.99 while juniors sizes are $24.99. They are also available at

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