fly good bye bug vacuum gun anim

Fly-Goodbye Bug Vacuum Gun

Are you looking for a good way to occupy your kids this summer and are you sick of all the insects that get inside your house? Well, the Fly-Goodbye Bug Vacuum Gun is the perfect solution. Your kids, or you for that matter, will enjoy […]

Air Hogs Vectron Wave

Vectron Wave Indoor RC Craft

Ever wanted to fly a copter UFO with just your bare hand? (That’s right, hand. You only need one.) We’re saying traditional radio-controlled planes and helicopters are a thing of the past because the Vectron Wave is one indoor RC craft that you can fly […]

Delete Flyswatter

Delete Button Flyswatter

It’s hard to admit that killing bugs gives us a deeply gratifying, cheap thrill. We justify our sins by arguing that bugs are evil and are trying to take over the earth. That’s why we’ve seen things on the market like bug-killing Apps, the electrocuting tennis racket flyswatter, and why we […]

Silverlit iBird

iBird – Realistic R/C Bird

The iBird from Silverlit is described one of the “latest generation of R/C flyers”. It simulates the the flight of a bird using realistic flapping wing movements. Packed with state of the art technology, it’s one of the latest generation of RC flyers that provides […]

No Picture

Fly Pod

With the Fly Pod ($100) they want to show that a fly trap doesn’t necessarily have to be some unattractive device that you’ll try to hide in the corner. Unlike most electric fly traps, ours isn’t at all industrial looking, and instead, is silent, neat, […]