Voice Activated R2-D2

Voice Activated R2-D2

If you frequent the friendly skies, maybe you’ve skimmed the pages of the Skymall catalog in the seat pocket in front of you out of curiosity or boredom. If so, has the Voice Activated R2-D2 ever caught your eye?

Because you can’t just raid the Star Wars prop room and steal the real astromech himself, purchasing the 15″ automated replica will have to do. Skymall R2 can make the noises he makes in the movies, swivel his dome head and light up, which is already cool enough. But he can do much more…

Voice Activated R2-D2 does other important stuff, like rattle off catchy dialogue from the movie, make that falling down “whoaaaa!” noise, play games of tag and hide-n-seek, answer questions with a beepity yes or no while swiveling his dome, play that happy cantina music, and obey over 40 voice commands.

He also acts as home security. In the event of an intrusion, R2 will sound his alarm. Surely it’ll be R2-D2 that burglars will be attempting to snatch, but sometimes an alarm is startling enough a deter a bad guy.

After putting up with the likes of panties-in-a-bunch C3PO for so long, R2 is thrilled to become your sidekick. Why not let him ride shotgun and act as co-pilot of your vehicle, keeping you awake during long road trips? He can follow you around the house too, keeping you company in the kitchen. For R2, his finest strengths are resourcefulness, companionship, trustworthiness, and loyalty.

Voice Activated R2-D2

  • Requires four AA batteries and four D batteries. Minor assembly required. Ages 8 and up.
  • Dimensions: 15″ H x 7-1/2″ W x 10-1/2″ L.
  • Weight: 6 lbs.

Voice Activated R2-D2 is $199.95 through Skymall.com or Hammacher Schlemmer. Don’t forget to stock up on 4 AA batteries and 4 D batteries to power him up. Rechargeable would make lots of sense. Or just borrow the batteries from your kids’ toys.

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