Voice-Controlled R/C Helicopter

Voice Heli

If the World’s First R/C Helicopter with Autopilot doesn’t fly in your book, maybe this new voice-controlled R/C indoor chopper named Voice Heli will do so instead.

You control the flying toy with the following voice commands:

  • “Engine Staato” to start the engine
  • “Appu” to go up
  • “Down” to go down
  • “Holdo” to keep the helicopter hover
  • To-ma-Le” to stop the helicopter

Here is a video clip that shows the Voice Heli in action:

Taiyo Voice Heli

  • Control Taiyo’s Voice Heli with the sound of your voice
  • Comes with a handset to communicate with the R/C Voice Heli
  • Ceiling sensor that detects obstacles above
  • Radio controller controls left and right motion (also vertical) included
  • Runtime: 5 minutes on 40 minutes of charging
  • Dimensions: 180 x 180 x 95mm (7x7x3.7in)
  • Helicopter power: Rechargeable internal battery
  • Controller power: 6 AA batteries sold separately

Voice Heli

The new Voice Heli voice-controlled R/C helicopter from Taiyo can be ordered over at the Geek Stuff 4 U website for ¥6,490 (about $78 USD).

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