The Walking Dead Teddy Bear Girl Life-Size Statue

The Walking Dead Teddy Bear Girl Life Size Statue

You might not win any Dad-of-the-Year awards if you set up the Walking Dead Teddy Bear Girl Life-Size Statue in your children’s room but there will be no doubt that you deserve a Fan-of-the-Year award because it takes a little bit of courage to bring a real moving zombie into your home.

Is this once-adorable girl a real zombie? No, you’re perfectly safe because it’s just a statue, but the statue does move and snarl, which is sure to bring about a few comical moments (and maybe a couple of bowel-related accidents) in your home.

In case it’s been a while since you re-watched Season One of The Walking Dead, Teddy Bear Girl made her first (and last) appearance on the very first episode of the smash AMC series, gaining almost as much popularity as the iconic Bicycle Girl.

The statue, made of vinyl, fabric, plastic, and metal, stands 55-inches tall and features multi-directional movement and realistic snarling audio that’s controlled by motion and sound sensors.

The Walking Dead Teddy Bear Girl Life-Size Statue will be available September 2013, but can be pre-ordered now for $219.99 at Entertainment Earth.

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  1. This is totally cool…so many things going through my mind in scaring the guacamole out of people! I definitely want one!!

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