Doctor Who 11th Doctor Bobble Head

Bow ties are cool again with the Doctor Who 11th Doctor Bobble Head, although it’s hard to tell because that super-sized chin hides the coolness. Based on Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor, this approximately 7-inch-tall Funko figure features everyone’s favorite madman in a box in his […]


Luminous Beings Art Print

What happens when a Time Lord consults with a Jedi Master? The universe might find out because the Luminous Beings Art Print shows Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor meeting with Master Yoda. Apparently, the Force is cool now. The geektastic artist, James Hance, has created another […]

Time Lord Comics T-Shirt

Time Lord Comics T-Shirt

The Doctor has regenerated once again, which means it’s another round of old fans leaving, new fans arriving, and die-hard fans sticking around like always. The Time Lord Comics T-Shirt is one of those rare items capable of appealing to all three groups. The new […]