Batman Animated Series Poison Ivy Bust

The ultimate eco-warrior comes to life with the Batman Animated Series Poison Ivy Bust. Based on Bruce Timm’s animated vision of the plant princess of Gotham City, Dr. Pamela Isley’s poisonous alter-ego is depicted wearing her eye-catching green leotard and mini-crossbow on her wrist… which […]


I Am Batman Art Print

Capture the dark night – or is that Dark Knight – with the I Am Batman Art Print, inspired by Batman: The Animated Series. The Caped Crusader defeated fear in epic style during the episode titled Nothing to Fear, declaring to an hallucination of his […]


Heart of Ice T-Shirt

Mr. Freeze just can’t ‘let it go’ on the Heart of Ice T-Shirt, which brings two frosty characters together from the worlds of Batman and Frozen. It turns out Dr. Victor Fries wasn’t trying to save his wife, Nora, after all. Elsa is the girl […]