Batsy Escher T-Shirt

Pop culture meets art culture with the Batsy Escher T-Shirt, putting an artistic spin on an iconic scene from the 1966 Batman movie. One of the most memorable scenes in 1966s Batman is when Batman is trying desperately to get rid of a bomb… and […]


Batman Egghead Maquette

You have to break a few eggs to make an omelette but don’t do it around the eggcellent Batman Egghead Maquette because the classic villain definitely won’t be sunny-side up about it. Standing 14-inches tall and dressed in his iconic egg-white suit and yolk-yellow shirt, […]


Batman 66′ Art Print

The Dynamic Duo races into action on the Batman 66′ Art Print. Limited to only 150 pieces, this 18″ x 24″ print is comprised of 18 different colors… which is very cool for a screenprinting project. Based on the Batman television series from the late […]


Batman ’66 Riddler Maquette

Riddle me this, Caped Crusader. What’s green, grinning, and covered in questions marks? The Batman ’66 Riddler Maquette, of course. Standing 12 1/2-inches tall and based on Frank Gorshin’s portrayal of the character in the classic Batman television series, the Riddler stands atop a puzzle […]