Super Mario Piranha Plant Slippers

Super Mario Piranha Plant Slippers

These ingenious Super Mario Piranha Plant Slippers look just like a Piranha Plant when they’re stored in the Warp Pipe. Just pop them out and you have soft and cozy footwear to wear around the house.

They’re especially nice if you follow the Asian custom of removing your shoes at the door. Instead of having an ugly array of slippers left by the door, you can have an attractive line of Piranha Plants!

Do you need the right footwear for your next round of Mario Party? The Super Mario Piranha Plant Slippers are here for you! They come in a Warp Pipe stand that will turn the set into a truly unique decorative item whenever you store the slippers, and of course they look amazing on your feet as well. Impress your friends with this fun and comfortable item for your Super Mario collection while keeping your feet warm during those extended Nintendo gaming sessions.

Super Mario Piranha Plant Slippers are sold at Japan Trend Shop, where they cost JPY 7,728 ($71). You can also find them on eBay.

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