Stationary Epicycle

Stationary Epicycle

Why work out on an ordinary stationary bike when you can get a good sweat going while looking good on the Stationary Epicycle? My idea of a good workout is getting up to change the channel on the TV… and that only happens when the batteries in the remote due. However, I’d be more inclined to peddle my butt into shape with this beautiful piece of exercise equipment sitting in my home. Did I just call something used for exercising beautiful? Yes, I did. Just look at it. Inspired by the 19th century monowheels, the only thing wrong with this unique bike is that you can’t actually cruise down the street on it.

The dual-satellite transmission transforms a single pedal revolution into four flywheel rotations, so if you spin at 100 rpms, the flywheel will spin at 400 rpms. The flywheel engages the cycle’s 36″ diameter copper ring, which has six magnets around it that generate a magnetic field, which can be controlled by a touchscreen display. The magnets generate a magnetic field that can provide 12 levels of resistance.

Both the carbon fiber handlebars and the padded Alacantra saddle are adjustable so you can be comfortable while getting in shape, and your light bill will stay in shape too because the bike only has to be plugged into AC once a month to recharge the batteries that provide power to the touchscreen.

Stationary Epicycle Details:

  • 44 1/2″ H x 21 1/4″ W x 44″ D. (121 lbs.)
  • Supports riders up to 285 lbs.

Combine your muscles with magnets and look good while spinning your way to health with the Stationary Epicycle from Hammacher Schlemmer for the very healthy price of $12,000.

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