Star Wars Cross Stitch Alphabet Pattern

Star Wars Cross Stitch Alphabet Pattern

When a youngling is just starting to learn the alphabet, it’s an opportune time to teach them about important nouns that start with each letter. The Star Wars Cross Stitch Alphabet Pattern is a unique way to teach your child about letters and the key characters of Star Wars.

The child who can identify these 26 elements of Star Wars has a pretty darned good start in life. I’m starting to have insecure feelings after looking at this cross stitch design, because some of the characters are ones I’ve never heard of.

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Star Wars Alphabet Sampler – Cross Stitch PDF Pattern Download
If you don’t cross-stitch but like this design, you can buy a t-shirt, art print or laptop & iPad skin with this design here.

A=Ackbar, B=Bossk, C=Chewbacca, D=Dash Rendar, E=Ewok, F=Fett, G=Greedo, H=Han Solo, I=IG-88, J=Jabba, K=Kyle Katarn, L=Leia, M=Mara Jade, N=Nien Nunb, O=Obi-Wan, P=Palpatine, Q=Quinlan Vos, R=R2-D2, S=Skywalker, T=Thrawn, U=Ulic Qel-Droma, V=Vader, W=Wedge, X=Xizor, Y=Yoda, Z=Zuckuss

Old hobbies that were traditionally reserved for grandmas seem to have become young and hip all of a sudden. We’re seeing a lot of impressive pop culture items that have been knitted, crocheted, quilted, hand sewn and now cross-stitched.

Framed in a child’s nursery or bedroom, this cross-stitched work-of-art will become a cherished family heirloom. Your child will also love the stories you tell about the character behind each letter, and will probably pass on the same learnings to his or her younglings. Later on, your child will appreciate the amount of time and love that went into each careful stitch you made in his honor and in the glory of Star Wars.

For the Star Wars Cross Stitch Alphabet Pattern (not the finished product), you can download the PDF pattern off of for $8.00.

Also good for cold, rainy days are some things to do in the Star Wars Craft Book and the Star Wars Origami Book.

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