Star Trek Phaser-Controlled Rock Mood Light

Star Trek Phaser-Controlled Rock Mood Light

This Star Trek Phaser-Controlled Rock Mood Light is based on “The Enemy Within,” an episode from the first season of Star Trek The Original Series. In the show, the landing party is stuck on a planet and they survive the cold temperatures by heating rocks with their phasers. Superheating the rocks with phaser blasts cause them to glow.

Thankfully, this rock mood light uses an energy efficient LED, so it doesn’t generate much heat. It makes awesome light effects, which you control with the “phaser” remote. Recreate the scene from the show in “Survival” mode, where pulling the trigger makes phaser firing sound effects and makes the rock glow red as if you are heating it. Switch over to “Atmosphere” mode for a light show that has multiple modes and 7 different colors. Depending on your settings, it makes a terrific mood light or party light.

Star Trek Phaser-Controlled Rock Mood Light

  • Officially-licensed Star Trek: The Original Series merchandise
  • Hand-painted “rock” modeled after the effects seen on Alfa 177 in “The Enemy Within”
  • Two modes: Survival (which “heats” the rock) and Atmosphere (which turns it into a light show)
  • Remote looks like the Type-1 phaser from the first season of The Original Series
  • In Survival mode, pressing and holding the remote’s trigger makes phaser firing sounds and imparts a red glow to the rock (as if you’re heating it)
  • Glow dims once you release the trigger
  • In Atmosphere mode, rock can
    • Glow one of 7 colors
    • Cycle through the colors quickly
    • Cycle through the colors slowly
    • Dim slowly over a period of 10 minutes
    • Glow with warm light at maximum brightness
  • Atmosphere mode can be controlled via phaser remote or buttons on the bottom of the rock
  • Maximum I/R Distance: 10 ft.
  • Batteries: 2 AAA for remote + 4 AA batteries or USB power for rock
  • An SDCC ThinkGeek exclusive from The Wand Company
  • Dimensions: 7.3″ tall x 6.7″ wide x 6.3″ deep
  • Weight: 1 lb. rock (with batteries)
  • Includes specimen rock sample, phaser replica remote, Starfleet standard issue Emergency survival blanket, USB charging cable, and manual

Buy the Star Trek Phaser-Controlled Rock Mood Light for $69.99 exclusively at ThinkGeek.

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