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Spider & Insect Catcher

We’ve seen the nature shows on the tele, or maybe even on IMAX flicks, informing us on how spiders are actually our little buddies and not as villainous as they appear. But in the heat of the moment, when one little eight-legged critter suddenly scurries along the wall, something primitive in us takes over and tells us to banish the spider to the depths of h-e-double hockey sticks. Whatever it takes, be it the new Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, a comic book, a flip flop, or the nearest thing with the largest surface area, that bugger must be squashed! And then after going off on an aerobic whacking rampage on the spider, the residual guilt sets in and is unbearable.

Poor Charlotte, who has been trapping and eating flies, mosquitoes and Drosophila melanogasters for months, all the while giving farm animals wise advise on the side, is dead. We have thoughts of, “What have I done?” and, “I am a terrible human being.” And then the cycle repeats itself to no end, and before you know it you fall into the category of ‘serial insect killer.’ It’s time to end the cycle with the humane Spider Catcher tool.

Think of it as a corporate relocater rather than a weapon. Take the Spider Catcher by the handle and gently place the bristles dead center on the spider, and then say, “You’re fired.” Then determine the spider’s next place of employment, perhaps the garden or the lawn, release the trigger and off it goes beginning life anew. It’s a win-win situation.

Humane Spider Catcher

The Spider Catcher’s Best Bits

  • Environmentally friendly way to remove spiders
  • Catch and move spiders and other insects without hurting them
  • Trigger mechanism to grab and release insects

The Spider Catcher’s long arm means that you don’t have to touch the dang thing, and the bristles are so gentle that if you want to send a butterfly to a different department, it won’t be harmed.

Change the world little by little. Get one for your mom for Mother’s Day, one for yourself and then one for anyone else you know who screams like a girl at the sight of a spider. Whoever gets one will feel very empowered and kind. Spider Catchers are available at Gizoo for £9.95. (Update 2018: Gizoo.co.uk is closed, so the link is removed. This item is current available at Amazon and Walmart.

If you’ve weaned yourself from killing spiders but can’t give up killing bugs cold turkey, you’d probably like the Delete Button Flyswatter. Houseflies don’t do much for us anyway.


  1. Yes it absolutely works! My sister got it for me for Christmas and I haven’t had an opportunity to use it until now. Have caught several lady bugs and 3 spiders and was able to transport them outside. The spiders were small and I was cery surprised it was able to catch them.

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