Cycle Speaker

Cycle Speaker

One thing I enjoy doing is riding my bike to the outskirts of town with some serene and peaceful music just playing on my iPod. I find that the iMusic Speaker Hat is great for listening to some beats while you’re on the go. But for cycling, I think nothing can beat the Cycle Speaker.

The Cycle Speaker is shaped like a water bottle, only it serves to hydrate and satisfy your music cravings (and not your body.) It latches on easily to your bike unobtrusively and the best part is, it doesn’t run on regular batteries. Instead, it’s equipped with a built-in high-capacity battery so you won’t have to worry about purchasing new batteries every few weeks.

Water Bottle Cycle Speaker

Cycle Speaker

The Cycling Speaker delivers a truly powerful bass and crisp sound which truly needs to be heard to be believed! There’s no need for batteries either as the Cycle Speaker is powered by Lithium Ion rechargeable ones, allowing your music to keep on being played. It’s also rapidly rechargeable so it’s ready to be used again and again.

The Cycle Speaker comes with an FM radio, micro SD card slot (for putting your MP3’s directly onto the Cycle Speaker), speaker bag, USB charge cable and AUX cable and input for all ipods and other audio inputs, so it will play from anything!

The Cycle Speaker is available from Red5 for £39.95 ($65.)

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