Solar Sun and Moon Jars

Solar Sun and Moon Jars

Hopefully, we’ve all got Mom in mind as Mother’s Day approaches in a little over a month. What do you give the woman who gave you life and has loved you unconditionally all these years? Give her the sun and moon. The Solar Sun and Moon Jars might be the best way to let mom know you think the world of her.

Solar Sun Jar

Each jar comes with a rechargeable battery that runs off solar energy. Therefore, a piece of the sun is literally being captured in a jar, allowing the LED light to glow for 5 hours per charge.  Once the sun goes down, the jar will shine through the translucent glass, granted the switch is turned to On and the jar has been exposed to sunlight. Let the jar act as a night light and eventually dim itself at the end of the night. Unlike the sun, if one were to get tired of it, you can just switch the light off.

Blue Moon Jar

Much like the soothing light of a candle, the jar would be suitable on the ledge of a bathtub during a relaxing bubble bath, and since it’s waterproof it’ll be fine if it gets splashed or takes a little dive into the tub. If it’s used as a light on the patio table, no worries if gets caught in torrential downpour.

Sun and Moon Jars

The Sun and Moon Jars’ Best Bits

  • Winner of the Eco Friendly Gift of the Year Award
  • Free sunlight forever
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Energy efficient LED light
  • Automatic switch activates Jars when it gets dark and can be switched off
  • Natural orange or soothing blue glow
  • Waterproof
  • Great for bbqs and camping trips
  • 5 hours light from one charge

The Sun Jar, which of course glows orange, is available at Gizoo for £12.95 and at Amazon for $34.95. The Moon Jar, lighting up in cool blue, is £14.95 at Gizoo and $34.99 at Amazon. Get one or both for mom or for anyone who likes cheerful, eco-friendly gifts. Kids will think the Solar Sun and Moon Jars are fantastic as well, and might finally leave the fireflies alone.

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