Share Secrets with Interactive Plant from Sega

The Healing Leafs

The Japanese company Sega Toys wants you to open up your mind and share your most inner thoughts with their brand new interactive plant called “The Healing Leafs”.

The Healing Leaf contains a sensor and software which can detect the voice from the atmosphere and take the corresponding actions.

If you have secrets or problems, just talk with this little plant, the leafs will listen to you and give you some responds and ideas.

The Healing Leafs


  • Healing Leafs – Understanding your heart
  • The leaf contains program, which can detect the voice from the atmosphere and take the actual and corresponding actions.
  • Functions: interactive toys, healing toys, collectable, decoration, household and office fun
  • Usually ship on the same or next business day.

The Healing Leafs from Sega Toys is available from the Toys Brando website for $24.90.


  1. Cool idea. Ever See A Plant MOVE When You Tickle It?
    I found another interactive plant that really MOVES when you Tickle It! This is not joke!
    The leaves fold and even the branches droop when Tickled.
    I found it at It’s called the Tickle Me Plant. It was easy to grow and the Greenhouse included plenty of seeds, mini flower pots and even soil pellets. It’s a real conversation piece and the most amazing plant I have ever seen. It even sleeps at night!

  2. The worlds most interactive plant is the TickleMe Plant. It actually MOVES when you Tickle It! It is so sensitive that the leaves close up and the branches fall down! It’s the most magical of all plants.

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