Shakespeare Insult Wallet

Shakespeare Insult Wallet

Thou has not so much brain as ear wax. Well, there’s something to make you re-think spending your hard-earned money on some useless bauble. The Shakespeare Insult Wallet might make you laugh, it might make you cry, and it might even give you a new appreciation for the Bard, but I seriously doubt it will have much effect on your spending habits. Of course, I could be wrong. Being called a tedious fool by a wallet has to have an impact on one’s ego sooner or later.

Made of durable Tyvek, this wallet features a picture of William Shakespeare on the exterior and a seemingly endless litany of Old World cutdowns on the interior. Foot-licker? Those might be fighting words unless spoken with a smile.

The wallet gives voice to seven different insults each time you open it, with a silent mode available in case your bruised ego needs a break.

The Shakespeare Insult Wallet is available for $14.95 at the Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild.

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