Roulette Wheel IQ Cube

Roulette Wheel IQ Cube

If you know anyone that acts like all that because they solved Rubik’s Cube while they were still eating baby food, you might want to knock them down a peg or two by springing the Roulette Wheel IQ Cube on them.

This intense-looking puzzle is like Rubik’s on steroids. While you only had to deal with matching each color on the sides before, now you have to match the colors and put the numbers on the wheel in correct numerical order.

Yeah! I bet your smart friend isn’t acting so tough now.

Start warming up your brain now because the Roulette Wheel IQ Cube will be available later this month. In the meantime, you can pre-order it for $79.90 at

UPDATE 9/12/2014: You can purchase the Roulette Wheel IQ Cube at for $79.90.


    • It now states they are available for pre-order…not sure if that is just their way of saying that they are out of stock. Sorry

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