Rubik’s Cube Coasters

Rubiks Cube Coasters

If you’re a fan of Rubik’s Cube and are looking for some geeky coasters to spice up your home, then check out these puzzling accessories. These Rubik’s Cube Coasters can handle a variety of jobs. They are definitely more than just coasters.
First and foremost, for coasters they are awesome looking, kicking the presentation of your drinks up a notch. They also make for a great magic trick. Just show your audience all three coasters stacked together as if it’s a full Rubik’s Cube, hide it behind your Magician’s cloth, then show just one of these coasters. Hazzah. It looks like the cube has sank right  into the table. The possibilities are endless.

Rubiks Cube Coasters

Also, you could display these coasters stacked together and fool your friends into thinking that you are capable of actually solving the puzzle. However, no matter how you use them, you have yourself an awesomely geeky set of toys that your friends will be envious about. And that’s what it’s all about right? At just £12.99 from Spinning Hat, these are some great drink pedestals.

Update July 2011: These Rubiks Cube Coasters are now available for $19.99 at ThinkGeek.

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