Nintendo NES Lunch Box

Nintendo NES Luchbox

Gamers love two simple things in life. Playing video games and snacking. This item combines both things. And while nothing stinks more than your Nintendo NES system suddenly crashing, you can turn that situation into a win. When life throws lemons at you(How often does that happen?) you make lemonade, but when life throws a broken console at you, you can turn that console into an awesome retro NES lunchbox.

That’s just what this clever Etsy seller did. It even has a high quality suitcase handle, not that cheap stuff from the lunch boxes of our youth. If that isn’t geeky enough to sell you on this $70 console-with-a-briefcase-handle, the interior is lined with vinyl tape to keep your food all clean.

It can also be locked thanks to an included key. That way nobody will steal your 1-up mushroom sandwich, Princess Peach Cobbler pie, Luigi Lasagna or Yoshi treats. This might be the coolest lunchbox ever. At least for old school NES fans. You can buy one from  Etsy seller Sealcouch here for $60.00.

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