Podtime Sleeping Pods

Podtime Sleeping Pods

You’ve probably heard the old idiom, “Home is where your heart is,” but what really constitutes a home? To many of us, it isn’t anything more than a private place with a bed so we can rest our weary bodies at night.

Sure, you may love your Hamburger Bed, but the Podtime Sleeping Pods allow you to have some much needed privacy and comfort from the convenience of a bed chamber that is portable. It might sound like a strange idea now, but space is already tight in many cities and if we make it through 2012, you might find developers starting to stack 4 or 5 of this into little rooms so renters can share the space. Think of the savings if you lived in a city like New York.

The sleeping pods are made from a polycarbonate tube and feature heavy-duty frosted doors, a luxurious fitted mattress and outstanding air circulation. They would also serve as a very cool set of bunk beds for the family looking to add a modern touch to their bedroom decor.

Podtime Sleeping Pod

Already hugely popular in places with dense populations and limited space, the Podtime Sleeping Pods are flat-packable for easy transport or storage and allow you to set up your bedroom anywhere that takes your fancy. Plus, for those who like their lie-ins extra luxurious, there are a number of options to pimp out your Pod. Think of it as your shippable, stackable, sleeping sanctuary.

Podtime Sleeping PodsSleeping Pod

  • Various colors, Built-in storage shelf and rack, Mirror, LED lights
  • Mains power points
  • Can be packed flat for transport or storage
  • Easily transportable
  • Can be stacked two levels high
  • Pimp your Pod with features such as: Secure luggage compartment, TV and DVD, leather covered mattress, digital radio and alarm clock as well as various personalization/branding options
  • Measures approximately 1.2m(W) x 2.1m(L)
  • Weighs approximately 100kgs

Create your own living space even when there isn’t any space with the Podtime Sleeping Pods available at Firebox.com for €1,767.09.

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