Hamburger Bed

Hamburger Bed

Hamburgers rank high among the items on my favorite comfort foods list, but did you know that burgers can also do more than just comfort the tummy? Feast your hungry eyes on this fantastic Hamburger Bed loaded with all the fixings.

Hamburger Designed Bed

Imagine becoming one with your hamburguesa, curling up in between the bun, nestled in with the lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and cheese. Ahh, a great place to hibernate after devouring your Quarter Pounder with cheese extra value meal. If you want to add extra bacon, why not wrap your arms around My First Bacon Talking Plush? The sesame seed bun comforter fits just right on top of the burger bed, hence making the bed a non-issue.

This bed is so popular that it has its own page and has received thousands of Likes on Facebook.

(Via Geekologie)


  1. I love this who or what company makes this bed? How much does it cost? What are the dimensions? Can you make and exact replica in a smaller scale for my pups? They are 2 small Chihuahuas and they have to sleep together in the same bed every night or they’ll keep the whole house awake all night carrying on.

  2. Is it okay that this is like a dram come true? I mean come on a hamburger bed? What genius came up with this. This is like seeing a god and being able to buy it for a godly price of 2500$. Yes that’s what the website costed that I was just at. It is just the most important thing I’ve ever seen. It’s a masterpiece.

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