Hammock Compatible Sleeping Bag

Hammock Compatible

If you enjoy camping but hate sleeping on the ground, the Hammock Compatible Sleeping Bag might be just the thing you need to make that outdoor adventure enjoyable.

Sleeping out in the Great Outdoors can be fun, but even a comfy sleeping bag doesn’t fully disguise the fact that you’re sleeping on the ground. The cold, hard ground that is home to all kinds of creepy, crawling things. If there are a couple of trees around, you can string up a hammock but that leaves you open to the elements, which can make for some chilly slumber.

The Hammock Compatible Sleeping Bag combines the best of both worlds by letting you get up off the ground but still stay snuggled up in your nice, soft cocoon with a design that wraps around both you and the hammock.

Personally, I’m not sure if I have the balance to make something like this work without ending up in a jumbled pile on the ground, but at least the sleeping bag should provide a soft cushion for me to land on.

Hammock Compatible Sleeping Bag

Hammock Compatible Sleeping Bag

  • Bag is rated to 32 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Mummy-style design is insulated with lightweight Thinsulate insulation
  • Bungee cord loop at the bottom cinches the bag around the hammock to keep cold air out
  • Full-length left and right zippers offer ventilation and let you get in from either side
  • Hook-and-loop closure tab at the top secures the bag snugly around your shoulders

If you consider yourself a master of outdoor adventure, and you possess a little more coordination than yours truly, then the Hammock Compatible Sleeping Bag for $179.99 from Grand Trunk Goods might be exactly what your camping arsenal is missing. Available around 5/15 on Amazon.com as well.

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  1. Camping hammocks do not have the same type of balance problems that people are used to with the backyard “net” hammocks. The balance issue is caused by the support bars at the head and foot end, which raise the center of gravity to be roughly the height of the suspension. Almost all camping hammocks have the center of gravity below the suspension (note the very bowed/bannana shape in those pictures), and therefore below the pivot point that would flip you over – virtually impossible to flip unintentionally.

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