Peaceful Progression Alarm Clock

Peaceful Progression Alarm Clock

If you like multi-functional clocks like the Facinations USB Desktop Aquarium, you’re going to love this Peaceful Progression Alarm Clock. It looks like a light-up box cheese grater or a cool piece of Star Wars architecture, but it’s a trifecta of aromatherapy, nature sounds, and calm lighting wrapped into one. You might not have so much control over time or the eventuality of having to wake up, but you do have control over the way you are going to be awakened, by golly! And the Peaceful Progression Wake Up Clock is a choice way to do it.

Face the day with the tranquil sound of ocean waves set to go off fifteen minutes before wake-up time, while the rows of four lights on two sides of the tower commence with a dim glow and then slowly brighten. There are six sounds to choose from altogether with adjustable volume. Plus there is a snooze option.

Included are four sets of aromatic beads: Energy, Morning Cafe, Stress Relief and Lavender. However to create your own personal ambiance, there are 10 felt discs to which you can add your own essential oils for whatever mood you’re in. The warmth of the light releases the aromatic essences. Perhaps if you’re really clever, you could synchronize the clock to release the Morning Cafe scent to the time your coffee starts to automatically brew, thus making your home more terrific than Starbucks.

Peaceful Progression Wake Up Clock

This clock also doubles as a sleeping aid and is ideal for those who don’t like to fall asleep in pitch dark. The lights gradually dim and shut off after 30 minutes. A headphone jack allows you to plug in and effectively block out your external surroundings.

For backup, the clock requires 2 AA batteries, in case of a power failure. Otherwise, it just requires electricity via its AC adapter.

The Peaceful Progression Wake Up Clock can be found at Hammacher Schlemmer for $69.95 and is guaranteed for life.  If you need extra aromatherapy beads, they go for $9.95 each.


  1. I have this clock for over a year and hate it. I’m currently looking for something else. It’s poorly designed with the light in the BACK so when it turns on, it doesn’t wake me – never has. What does wake me is the sound setting – which is fine. The other feature that doesn’t work for me is the fact that the illuminated clock numbers are so bright that it lights the entire room and I can’t get to sleep – they should have put a dimmer on it. I’ve tried several solutions, but the only one that really works is covering the numbers with cardboard. Save your money and buy something else this isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

  2. I am missing the ‘cup’ that holds the aromatherapy beads. Anyonr know where I can get one or another option that works just as well?

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