Fascinations USB Desktop Aquarium

Fascinations USB Desktop Aquarium

The Fascinations USB Desktop Aquarium is a real aquarium where you can keep real fish, unlike some of the past USB aquariums, such as the USB Jellyfish Aquarium and the Multicolor USB Jellyfish Aquarium, that were only decorative.

This fully functioning desktop aquarium fits easily on a desk and features a USB powered filtration system and low voltage pump, which keep the water circulating to provide fresh oxygen for your pet fish. It also provides a captivating display with color changing LEDs and 5 different modes of tranquil nature sounds.
It is a great way to spice up your office, dorm, or home, and provide for a fun and relaxing diversion from work.

Product Features

  • Fully functional USB powered low voltage pump and filtration system and running water
  • Adjustable overhead LED light and color changing LED interior lights
  • Comes with gravel and fake aquarium plant
  • Plays soothing sounds of nature
  • LCD Alarm clock with time/date/temperature/snooze and countdown timer

USB Desktop Aquarium

This USB desktop aquarium holds about 1.5 quarts of water. It also features a multi-function alarm clock that provides time, date, temperature, and even a countdown timer. It’s built-in desk caddy helps to organize your desk and keep pens and pencils within easy reach. With all the cool, fun, and practical features built into this unit, every desk should have this fish tank!

The Fascinations USB Desktop Aquarium is sold at Amazon.com.


  1. Yeah, I had actually never heard of “desktop aquariums” until recently, so I googled it and came up with this. No way would I put a live fish in there. Completely agree with above comments. What kind of a fool would do that?

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