Aluratek eQuarium 8″ Digital Aquarium

Aluratek eQuarium 8" Digital Aquarium

Everyone appreciates pets, but the some of us are too busy (or lazy) to take care of them. With the Aluratek eQuarium 8″ Digital Aquarium, you can enjoy watching colorful fish without them getting lonely or hungry when you are on vacation. There’s no mess and no work, but due to the patent pending Aqualens you can enjoy a very realistic aquarium. The secret is the acrylic tank reservoir that you fill with water, so you get genuine underwater realism.

Aluratek’s eQuarium 8″ Digital Aquarium brings everything you love about aquariums to life with ease without having to purchase an actual aquarium. It’s easy to create an instant digital aquarium. Just add water! Simply fill the patent pending Aqualens acrylic tank reservoir with water and slide it down in front of the LCD screen. Secure the top, power on the eQuarium and the video will play automatically.

The eQuarium features an 8” ultra crisp display which shows the colorful serene beauty of the underwater world as if you were really viewing through glass and water. The eQuarium comes pre-loaded with a continuous looping video of real tropical fish swimming in a real saltwater tank with real coral and rocks. Listen to the calming ambient sounds of an aquarium with the eQuarium’s high quality speakers.

The Aluratek eQuarium 8″ Digital Aquarium is on sale for $81.22 with free shipping at

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