NanoBlock Micro Building Blocks

NanoBlock Micro Building Blocks

If you ever wished for teeny tiny Lego blocks, NanoBlock Micro Building Blocks are a dream come true. Each set of NanoBlocks comes with hundreds of pieces, but since they are so small, the finished design is only a few inches tall. Their micro size means that you can build very detailed designs using Nano Blocks, without taking up much space. They’re great if you are running out of space in your playroom, dorm room, or office.

NanoBlock Micro Building Blocks are available in three sets: Neuschwanstein Castle (over 550 pieces), Eiffel Tower (over 420 pieces), and Taj Mahal (over 200 pieces). They aren’t compatible with Lego or other building blocks, because they are much smaller.

NanoBlock Sets

NanoBlock Micro Building Blocks come in three flavors (each more difficult than the last): Eiffel Tower (easiest), Taj Mahal (mediumest), and Neuschwanstein Castle (hardest). And sure you can build them following the easy to follow instructions, but the biggest (smallest?) test of your creativity is what you can build off the map, so to speak. Imagine the gleaming mini-starship you could build with all the tiny pieces from the Taj Mahal set. Or the super mini battleship from the Eiffel Tower set. You get the idea. NanoBlock Micro Building Blocks take anything you can imagine and shrink it down into the palm of your hand.

Nano Blocks - Like Mini Legos

NanoBlock Micro Building Blocks

  • Build super small versions of some of the world’s most famous erections!
  • Developed in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Choose from: Neuschwanstein Castle, Taj Mahal, or Eiffel Tower (or get ’em all).
  • Each kit includes extra pieces for even more building fun.
  • Easy to follow illustrated instructions will make you a master builder in no time.
  • Not compatible with other building sets (they’re just too small).

Order NanoBlock Micro Building Blocks for $16.99 per set at Choose between the Eiffel Tower, Neuschwanstein Castle, and Taj Mahal sets.

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