LEGO Audio Comic

So we might not exactly see this in store shelves anytime soon, but I definitely think it’s something to look at, for LEGO fans, especially. The LEGO Audio Comic design concept provides a sneak peek as to how kids (and adults who can fit their heads into the helmet) can enjoy their comic books, complete with some audio effects to boot.

The LEGO Audio Comic was conceptualized by Jonathan Robson, who describes the device like so:

Inspired by classic LEGO helmet, the audio comic concept n is a helmet with a gold space visor. The helmet acts as a headset for listening to the audio for comics as well as a role-playing toy. Once subscribed to Audio Comic, you’ll receive the LEGO comic through the post with your activation code to download the audio onto a USB brick. Simply slot the brick into the back of the helmet, put it on and enjoy the exciting LEGO Audio comic experience!

Two buttons on the side of the helmet allow to skip through pages in the audio tracks.

LEGO Audio Comic

It’s pretty cool, if you ask me. Sadly, LEGO has said that they won’t be able to make it though. Maybe it will be a possibility in the future. Hopefully.

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