Mullet on the Go Headband

Mullet on the Go - Mullet Headband

As atrocious as the mullet is, I’m still seeing the hairstyle worn on both men and women on the streets today. Even with all the jokes and ridicule about the mullet, you’d think that people would be ashamed of sporting the look. Simply not the case. On the bright side, the mullet tells the world that you’re free-spirited and that you like having two different looks; business in the front and party in the back. Try on the Mullet on the Go Headband and see how good it makes you feel.

Wow, this mullet headband even gives you some curls to add a little body and drama as it blows freely in the wind. The red, white and blue headband is perfect for patriots, who are likely to believe that the mullet was invented in the USA. To really take the look as far as it can go, you can grow a mustache like the guy in the picture.

Mullet on the Go

This classy Mullet will make you instantly cooler, instantly wiser, and immediately unemployable! Just kidding, we love Mullets and are proud to rock these every dang day. You simply pull out your special Mullet with attached Headband and place on your boring haircut to reveal something legendary. You now have the haircut of a God. Whip it and smack it as you may until your day is done. Then pull off the Headband and store your Mullet on the Go anywhere until tomorrow. Features: – Mullet comes with a sweatband headband and attached medium-brown wavy hair.

Don’t have the exact shade of brown hair? Not to worry. If your natural hair color happens to be darker, the long hair on the mullet would easily pass as fancy highlights.

You can find the Mullet on the Go Headband at for $9.95.

Mullets and beer go together like peanut butter and jelly. That’s why a fully-loaded 6-Pack Beer Belt would perfectly complement the mullet headband.

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