Laptop Case Made of Plywood

Laptop Case Made of Plywood

Brian Kelly, a freelance designer currently living in Philadelphia, has created this beautiful retro-modern laptop case, put together using two panels of plywood.

This project is an exploration into the process of bending plywood.

The laptop case is formed from two bend panels of plywood which slide along one another to encase the laptop computer.The case is lined with cork to provide additional heat resistance and protection.

Laptop Case Made of Plywood

See more photos of the Ply Laptop Case over at the Brian Kelly Design website.

(Behance, Make, Notcot and Why Me via Geeky Gadgets)


  1. this item sucks
    dont buy it
    mine broke
    all i did was leave it in my car and it expanded and contracted in the heat!!

  2. Great idea leaving your laptop in the car, where it too can expand and contract with heat. Anyway, that’s what you get for using a car, asshole.

    This case looks impractical for me due to weight and size constraints, and it looks like too many steps to take it out and replace it.

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