King Hulk Premium Format Figure

King Hulk Premium Format Figure

Rage gets royal with the King Hulk Premium Format Figure, featuring the Hulk as he appeared when he returned to Earth during the World War Hulk series.

I’m sure the Illuminati thought they were doing the right thing when they sent the Hulk into the vastness of space in an effort to spare the planet any grief from the big guy’s anger issues. How could they have known Banner’s alter-ego would arrive on a gladiator-style planet, fight his way from slave to ruler, marry the queen, and then return to his homeworld with plans to kick some Illuminati butt?

Standing almost 30-inches tall, this second version of the Hulk from the World War Hulk collection  is ready for battle, wearing his spiked, armored gauntlet and wielding his broadsword and battle axe. The statue’s base resembles a section of the street that’s been damaged during the Hulk’s war against Earth’s heroes.

The King Hulk Premium Format Figure will be available January 2015 but it can be pre-ordered now for $599.99 (or for as little as $77.14 mo) at Sideshow Collectibles. If you’re interested in the big, green rage machine before he was crowned, you can also get the Gladiator Hulk Premium Format Figure, the first figure in the World War Hulk series of collectibles.

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