Kanex Sydnee iOS Recharging Station

Kanex Sydnee iOS Recharging Station

If CES 2012 in Las Vegas is any representation of what the year is going to be like, then gadget lovers are going to be ecstatic. Kanex, designer of innovative charging solutions and consumer electronics, just unveiled the Kanex Sydnee iOS Recharging Station. This sleek and modern designed charger provides 2.1A to each of the four USB ports for fast charging of all your electronics.

The Kanes Sydnee is design to minimize the space used for charging and to give offices and home users a central location to charge all their iOS devices. The Syndee also features a built-in short-circuit breaker that offers full protection against harmful power surges and spikes while it actively conditions the DC outputs.

Kanex Sydnee iOS Recharging Solution

  • Short-circuit protection built-in: Each DC output comes with a circuit protection, which actively conditions the DC outputs. In the event of power surge or spike, the outputs will cause no damage to the power charger. The unit will automatically recover and function normal as soon as the short condition is removed.
  • Fuse protection: The fuse inside the power charger will initiate when the AC input current is over the rated current of fuse. This Fuse protection will cause switching power charger to fail.
  • Over voltage protection: The output also manages the over voltage protection. When the main feedback control circuit fault occurs, the power charger will activate over voltage protection to protect the whole system from failing.
  • Efficiency rate: >78% min. (Test under nominal AC input condition); No load power consumption: 0.5Watt under AC230V input

Look for the Kanex Sydnee iOS Recharging Station to be available soon at retailers like Amazon.com. To learn more, go to Kanexlive.com.

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