Jurassic World Clever Girl T-Shirt

Jurassic World Clever Girl T-Shirt

Chris Pratt needs to work on his tan on the Jurassic World Clever Girl T-Shirt, which could possibly lead to re-naming the movie JurASSic World.

Let’s face it. This movie stomped the competition at the box office but it would’ve made even more mega-bucks if the studio had used something like this in their marketing material.

Artist grungethemovie borrowed a little inspiration from classic Coppertone ads with this comedic look at dino-whisperer Owen and velociraptor Blue. Come on! You knew something was going on between those two, didn’t you?

The shirt is available in a variety of colors if the pictured creme tee isn’t your thing.

Jurassic World Clever Girl Shirt

The Jurassic World Clever Girl T-Shirt is available for $14 at TeePublic.com.

(via Fashionably Geek)


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