holoCube – Desktop 3D Hologram


holoCube is a 20-inch cube equipped with a 40GB hard drive for video storage. The stored footage can be displayed in a 1080i resolution inside the cube.

HOLoCUBE is the result of a genuine in-house development process. It is a fully integrated 3D projection platform that combines the most advanced modern projection techniques with a contemporary sleek housing. This enables product focussed as well as contextual 3D projections which make your product look like never before. HOLoCUBE comes with an optional floor stand kit which seamlessly matches its cool design.

Here’s a video demonstration of the holoCube:

More about this 3D projection platform over at holocube.eu.

(Via Engadget)


  1. I know this is an old post but this 3D display look amazing. I can tell by the video clip that this would be great at trade shows to display the latest gizmo around.
    If it could ever be done with out a cube would be the real winner.

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