Gerber Apocalypse Kit

Gerber Apocalypse Kit

The Apocalypse is coming (one of these days). The dead might dig their way out of graves in search of fresh brains, aliens from another world could decide to take over, or it could rain carnivorous man-eating frogs seeking payback for all the frog legs mankind has consumed. The Gerber Apocalypse Kit will make sure you’re prepared to fight for survival.

When the world gets turned upside down and it’s time to cut something (whether it’s a zombie or a carnivorous frog), this little bag of goodies insures that you have the right tools for the job. Based on the pack of weapons discovered by Officer Rick Grimes in AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” the Gerber zombie kit includes:

  • Three knives
  • Two machetes
  • One parang
  • One hatchet

Apocalypse Kit

It could be a hassle to tote all this hack/slash goodness individually but that’s one thing you don’t have to worry about because all the tools can be stored in the included sturdy-looking canvas roll-up case… and who really needs extra stuff to worry about when the world is coming to an end?

Don’t think the apocalypse is headed our way? No problem because the kit will also come in handy during those camping trips when you want to wander off into the woods for the weekend and live off the land… even though you have a perfectly good home that comes equipped with satellite TV.

Make sure you’re prepared by pre-ordering the Apocalypse Kit from Gerber for $349. It will be shipped on December 5th.

Only 200 kits will be available so don’t wait for that first zombie/alien/carnivorous frog to show up before ordering yours.


  1. They offer the set at for around $319. It doesn’t come with the knife roll but still pretty awesome.

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