Flip Alarm Clock

Flip Clock

Ever have trouble remembering if you set the alarm to wake you up? The Flip Alarm Clock always lets you know if it’s ready to wake you up… and you don’t have to bother with fumbling around for that tiny little button to turn the alarm off, either.

I don’t know about you, but I constantly find myself double-checking (and sometimes triple-checking) to make sure I set the alarm, because how can you really be sure by just glancing at the clock?

Well, it’s easy to tell with this little timekeeper because it point-blank tells you, with ‘On’ printed on one side of the clock, and ‘Off’ printed on the other. Also (as if that wasn’t a big enough hint), the clock displays the alarm time in the lower right corner when the alarm is set. Just the time is shown when the alarm is off.

Flip Alarm Clock

Best of all, your coordination doesn’t have to be that great in order to silence the alarm; just flip the clock over and it’s taken care of.

Flip Alarm Clock

  • LCD alarm clock
  • ON/OFF faces
  • Electroluminous dial
  • Touch sensor snooze/light
  • Size: 4.13″ x 2.56″ x 1.14″

The Flip Alarm Clock is available for 39€/$50.45 at the Lexon Design Store.

(via Red Ferret)

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