Electromagnetically Shrunken Quarters

electromagnetically shrunken quarters

Electromagnetically shrunken quarters are the coolest science product of this decade.  That’s ten years’ worth of science products that aren’t as cool as these quarters.  What happens when you take a quarter and then zap it with a couple hundred thousand amps?  YOU GET ELECTROMAGNETICALLY SHRUNKEN QUARTERS!  “Why is your hair standing up?”  Because I’m going to “shock” you with the powers of science.  *Rubs feet furiously on the carpet to build static electricity*

Electromagnetic Quarters

  • Real quarters zapped by 6,000 volts at 100,000 amperes
  • The process takes less than 1/100th of a second
  • Size: About diameter of a dime but twice as thick
  • Yes, it’s totally legal. Destroying money is only a crime if done with fraudulent intent. This is just fun science.

Yes, you may feel like you’re being duped – you’re sending ThinkGeek $25 in order to receive $.50.  (One shrunken quarter and one real quarter.)  But, that’s okay, because it’s science!  Also, a great conversation starter on dates.  “So, how was your day?”  Well, I spent most of my daily breadwinning money on some electromagnetically shrunken quarters that should be arriving in about a week.  How was your day?  “We’re no longer dating.”  

If you want to pick up one of these crazy pieces of science for just $24.99, then head on over to ThinkGeek.  If you’re still hungry for more geeky things, then check out the Science Silicone Ice Cube Tray and the Mr. Spock With Science Console Statue.

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