Doctor Who Soufflé Girl T-Shirt

Doctor Who Souffle Girl TShirt

The Doctor got a taste of his own medicine when he met three versions of his current Companion, Clara Oswald, and the Doctor Who Soufflé Girl T-Shirt memorializes the first incarnation we encounter… who also happens to be my favorite.

Before she became the Impossible Girl, she was simply the Soufflé Girl, a mysterious woman named Oswin who immediately stole our hearts with her witty banter. We were ready to welcome this new person with open arms as the Doctor’s new Companion, and cursed Moffat when we discovered that we had been tricked. No offense, Clara, you’re cool, but you’re no Oswin.

The American Apparel t-shirt features Oswin with the important symbols of the episode she appeared in, with the eggs and milk emphasizing her Soufflé Girl moniker, even as the giant Dalek in the background hints at her ultimate fate.

Doctor Who Souffle Girl Shirt

The Doctor Who Soufflé Girl T-Shirt is available for $25.97 at

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