Doctor Who Companions T-Shirt

Doctor Who Companions TShirt

The Doctor’s face and personality might change but it’s his Companions that really add spice to his adventures because each one brings something new to his life, and the Doctor Who Companions T-Shirt lets the Time Lord take a break while we focus on the special ladies in his life.

This shirt might not offer much to those Whovians that prefer Classic Who but it’s a thrill for those who have been following the Doctor’s adventures since his ninth incarnation swaggered onto the scene in his black jacket and purple shirt, and the ladies of ‘New Who’ always seem to be more than just passengers.

Featured on the t-shirt in artistic renderings that reveal just enough to identify the characters are Rose (Bad Wolf), Martha (the girl who walked the Earth), Donna (the most important woman), Amy (the girl who waited), River (the child of the TARDIS), and Clara (the impossible girl).

I’m not 100% sure that River should be considered a Companion because she’s so much more than that, but there’s nothing wrong with having her in the line-up because of her special status in the Doctor’s life. However, I do wish that Rory was here to break up the girl’s club because the last Centurion deserves a little recognition too.

Doctor Who Companions Shirt

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